“I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great class and the care in which you teach your sport.”

“We really appreciated the time you spent with Ashley giving her the confidence she needed to get down the walls.”

Chris Dyas, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“A testament of a great instructor is a student’s ability to take what s/he has learned and apply it out in the field. Not only did I apply what I learned in Steve’s courses out in the canyons, I also taught new skills to people who have been canyoneering for 10+ years and boosted the confidence level of a newbie and a canyoneer with 10+ years experience under his belt but lost some of his confidence after an incident a few years ago. Steve is an amazing and thorough instructor who provides his students with the skills and confidence to handle situations out in the canyons so everyone has an enjoyable experience.”

Angela Chan, Colorado Springs Technical Canyoneering Course

“This is a great “starter kit” for Canyoneering! I really enjoyed your class and it was exactly what I wanted.”

Chuck Willcox, Colorado Springs Technical Canyoneering Course

“Steve, just wanted to thank you again. You are a great instructor. The method by which you teach the skills is perfect for beginners like me. I hope to be able to learn more from you in the near future on another adventure. I have been bit by the canyoneering bug without a doubt and I plan on practicing the art of the sport where I can at home. Thanks again for a great time, Todd.”

Todd Voth, Colorado Springs Technical Canyoneering Course

“Steve, Thanks for a great class. We went out the next day and put our new skills into practice! You would have been proud. :)

Tracy Clevenger, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“Great course, very detailed & thorough. Steve did an incredible job of demonstrating the more complex rigging systems & allowing plenty of hands-on time to practice them”

Robb Goodell, Moab Advanced Canyoneering Course

“Steve Morga’s class, Technical Canyoneering, was awesome! I can’t believe how much he threw at us … but by the end of the class, he had pounded it all home. Wanna test me on a Stone knot? Stone 8? Joker? Hedin? Bockman? Klemheist? Prusik? Butterfly? Any 8? Double contingency lowering rigging? Anchors out of thin air? .. I got it .. Try me! ”

Klaus Gerhart, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“Thanks so much for a great class.  I feel more confident than ever and I am practicing much of what I learned already.  Garden of the Gods is a GREAT training area.  I had no idea we had such a good Utah simulation right here on the Front Range.  I appreciated your lack of ego and enthusiasm to teach what you know so well.  Some of the canyon pros (no names) seem bothered by the rookies and it almost seems like a burden for them to share their sport.  You were a great coach.  Special thanks for the bonus material on day 3.  Go big or go home, right?”

Dean Brooks, Colorado Springs Technical Canyoneering Course

“Thanks a bunch. I had a great time at the class. I feel so much more knowledgeable now. I’ve heard it said that “knowledge and timber should not be much used till they are seasoned” (Oliver Wendell Holmes) Through the extensive hands-on work in the course I feel like my knowledge has been seasoned a bit. I can’t wait to apply my new found tools.

When I got back I talked to a couple of my very experienced canyoneering friends and they were stunned when they found out how extensive the course was. Comments like “Really, you know how to do that… I never learned that, that would be so helpful” or “How much was the class? ..that’s all, wow what a bargain” and the final vote of approval “I need to take a class like that”.

Kenny Johnson, Colorado Springs Technical Canyoneering Course

“Our class was terrific.  Everyone was a valuable contributor and the bridging and stemming work came in very helpful on the Lomation – Krill venture.  Thanks for adding that in as part of the course. I’m definitely looking forward to the advanced course as we get some practical experience under our belt.”

Alan Hamberlin, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the technical canyoneering course.  I mistakenly thought I could learn what I needed to know over the internet or through books but nothing can replace live instruction from experts such as you and Kurt, so thanks again for such a fun and instructive class.”

Bob VandenBroeke, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“I would like to thank both of Kurt and Steve on an excellent technical canyoneering course.  The effort you both put into the class was above and beyond expectations.  I learned so much in the class portion of each day.   The practice portion of each day built a strong sense of confidence as I practiced and applied the classroom lessons.  Thank you so much for providing such a strong technical foundation to start me in this wonderful sport of canyoneering.”

Greg Foy, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“One of my goals in life is to do something every day that makes my heart beat faster.  I can honestly say that this course did that and so much more.  I came with the expectation and hope of learning to be a more proficient canyoneer.  Having done about 15 canyons before arriving I thought much of what you would go over would be repetition.  That was surely not the case.  Your teaching styles, attitudes and skills gave me so much more.  Often when I attend a course such as this I come away with a bit more knowledge that I quickly forget in the hustle of daily life.  Steve’s way of teaching the basics of canyoneering – knots, self rescue, the different rappel devices and anchor systems stuck with me.  The demonstrations and ability to do everything as much as you wanted made me feel confident I will be able to build upon these skills and use them in future courses and future canyons.  I now have the basic skills I need to be a contributing team member of a canyoneering group, not just a canyon sheep.  Steve’s manner of teaching was straight forward, respectful and yet still fun!  My eyes have also been opened to another great location for canyoneering.  I look forward to returning in April for the Advanced Course.  It is said you can’t control the length of your life, just the depth.  This course has definitely added a new depth to my adventures.  Kurt was kind enough to let some of us recent graduates go hiking to the canyon drop and through the canyon with a more experienced group after the course.  Being able to travel with and learn from more advanced individuals was very much appreciated!  It is very clear to me that you both enjoy the canyons and the beauty and wonder that nature offers to those of us willing to humbly accept her gifts.  Thank you Steve and Kurt!”

Monica Schandel , Moab Technical Canyoneering Course

“Hi Steve  Absolutely loved the course. As someone with no previous knowledge on canyoneering, rappelling, climbing etc, I especially appreciated the organization of the course beginning with basic knots and culminating in a field practicum. I have already recommended it to several people in Park City as a “must do”! There are a couple of guys in my hood that would like to know what the future dates for the course will be.    I look forward to the advanced course after getting a little practical field knowledge!  Thanks again for a great experience.”

Sean Muldowney, Moab Technical Canyoneering Course