Our three day technical canyoneering course focuses on beginning and intermediate canyoneering techniques and provides students with the anchor, rigging and problem-solving skills and techniques they need to become safe, efficient and independent canyoneers. Subjects taught include:

  • low impact canyoneering practices
  • equipment selection, use and care
  • knots and hitches
  • climbing, belaying and handlines
  • specialized rappelling techniques
  • adding friction mid-rappel
  • locking off on rappel
  • belaying a rappeller
  • basic self-rescue
  • canyon topography and rating systems
  • canyoneering style and ethics
  • utilizing transient anchors for belays and hand lines
  • how to evaluate and rig specialized canyoneering anchors and belay systems
  • the importance and proper use of tension-releasing hitches and contingency anchors
  • rappelling and passive lowering systems
  • efficient rope deployment and rigging
  • pros and cons of using autoblocks or prusiks for self-belay

The third day of instruction adds problem solving scenarios in a canyon environment where the skills learned during the previous two days are reinforced.  The third day of the course also includes additional natural anchor construction skills and group dynamics activities.

There is also a very nice slot canyon section in which students are introduced to bridging and stemming techniques commonly practiced in narrow slot canyons.

Tuition for this course is $345.00 per person.

We encourage you to bring your own minimal beginning equipment for the Technical Canyoneering Course. This includes a harness, helmet, a rappel device (descender) and several locking carabineers. It is not a problem if you do not have your own gear. We will provide helmets, harnesses and hardware for your use. All other shared equipment (ropes, webbing) is provided.

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