The Canyon Rescue Course teaches the skills necessary to perform immediate, in-canyon self-rescues, partner rescues, and to assist with group emergencies … all with your groups’ normal rack-and-pack (the minimal gear you should carry on your harnesses and in your packs.)

Boost your confidence and fill your mental toolbox with skills to handle technical emergencies.

This course not only teaches you the skills and methods necessary to execute some rescue procedures, but it provides the impetus for critical thinking through an emergency.

How would you help a conscious canyoneer stuck on a rope?  How would you help an unconscious canyoneer stuck on a rope?  How quickly could you figure out how to convert a static block to a lowering system?  Could you haul a rappeller back to the top of a drop by yourself?  Have you ever been in a canyon, assessing a fictional problem and felt helpless? Are your responsibilities in a canyoneering event greater because you’re the leader/organizer?  Would you like to be a more valuable team member? This course is vital for not only canyoneering leaders, but also for conscientious recreational canyoneers who value their own safety and the safety of their party.

With the basic skills presented in this course, you could prevent the need for calling in an expensive Search And Rescue team, avoid putting rescuers at risk, avoid spending the night in a canyon, and continue a canyon descent with a non-critically injured teammate.

Canyoneering Self-Rescue subjects taught include:

Knots, Rope Grabs and Anchor Dynamics

• Mechanical Advantage and Hauling Systems

• Assisted Rappel

Hero Rescue, Balancier Lift, Rappelling on a Tensioned Rope

• Guide Ropes, Tag lines

• Rigging Conversions

• Cut and Lower from above

• Ascending for rescue operations

Pick-Off Procedures

Tuition for the three days of instruction is $395.00 per person.

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