Our Advanced Canyoneering Course builds upon the skills and techniques presented in our Technical Canyoneering Course.  Topics covered are taken from the American Canyon Guides Association’s level 2 skills checklist and include:

  • Efficient rope management
  • Advanced knots and clutch systems
  • Retrievable anchor systems
  • Advanced techniques for rope deployment
  • Multi-pitch rappels
  • Sequencing and pre rigged rappels
  • Combination rappel and passive lower for long drops
  • Advanced rope work for traverses and extremely strong water current
  • Guided rappels
  • Re-belays and deviations
  • Passing knots on ascend and rappel
  • Advanced pothole techniques
  • Strategies for first descents

Tuition for the 3 day Advanced Canyoneering course is $395.00 per person.



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