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Intrepid Adventure Sports depends on Imlay Canyoneering equipment when conducting technical canyoneering courses.

Canyoneering and “Canyoning” are terms used to describe an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, boulder hopping, rock climbing and rappelling – often over waterfalls.

Hazards encountered in the sport of canyoneering include “keeper” potholes, flash floods, extreme water flow, high, narrow slots and hypothermia. Once committed by rappelling the first drop of a canyon, escape out the steep, often un-climbable, walls of a canyon is frequently impossible. Descending the remainder of the canyon is the only possibility to avoid a rescue that may take hours or days.

It is highly recommended an individual receive training prior to participating in the canyoneering sport to learn how to cope with the previously described hazards.

A quality technical canyoneering course should focus on beginning and intermediate techniques and provide students with the anchor, rigging and problem-solving skills and techniques they need to become safe, efficient and independent canyoneers.

Intrepid Adventure Sports provides high quality technical canyoneering training, advanced canyoneering training and canyoneering self-rescue training.